Mind-Body Confidence Toolkit

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Due to the incredible discount being offered on this training and bonuses, there are no refunds offered on this product. Only purchase if you are serious about thinking like a woman who succeeds on the fertility journey.
Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:
TRAINING #1: Building Unshakable Confidence In Your Body
  • Learn why falling deeply in love with your body is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself on this journey (and where to start)
  • Discover the power of “clean slating” the feelings festering between you and your body (and why you need to do this NOW)
  • Understand exactly how getting insanely comfortable in your body is the turning point for breaking free from fear, negativity, social media dread, and your endless “why me” thoughts
TRAINING #2: The Smart Woman's Path To Success On Her Fertility Journey
  • The two-word rule women who are successful on this journey LIVE by
  • The split-second mindset shift that will catapult you out of overwhelm when it comes to “shoulds,” “musts,” and “have-tos”
  • ​Where women who are truly committed to making their desires a reality put their focus!
TRAINING #3: Committed, Happy, Confident: How Smart Couples Win On The Fertility Journey.
  • Learn what it’s really like to be the “other half” of the fertility equation (it may be VERY surprising)
  • Get the scoop on the pivotal conversation that can finally put you and your partner on the same page regardless of what showed up on your journey
  • Discover the game-changing way you can use disappointment and failure as a springboard to more peace, joy, and happiness on your journey AND in your relationship
  • This training is done by Rosanne Austin and her husband, so you can hear a man’s perspective on being a great partner on this journey!
  • An expertly designed fertility meditation
  • Wallpaper for your mobile device designed to keep you focused on the FACT that being a mom was meant for you!
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