New Book Reveals The Real Secret To Improving Your Fertility...
Even If IVF, Embryo Transfers, And Every Other “Surefire” Strategy Has Failed You
Rosanne Austin
My Darling Mama-In-The-Making,

Let me start by telling you that I’m SO glad we’ve found each other.

Rest assured that if you are struggling with fertility and beginning to lose hope after trying every treatment, diet, lotion, and potion you can get your hands on—and you’re still not getting a positive pregnancy test…

You are definitely in the right place.

And I know exactly how you feel.

I spent 7 years on my own fertility journey, and I can say with 100% certainty that what I am about to share can help set you up for fertility success… finally.
Real Women. Real Results.
But Please Know That...
While I have witnessed countless miraculous pregnancies in my years of coaching, I cannot promise that you, specifically, will become pregnant. No one can.

However, I can promise that by following the method I teach, you gain the confidence that comes from knowing you are TRULY doing everything you can, MIND and body, to get pregnant, leaving no stone unturned. 
Here’s Exactly What I’m Going To Share
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I’m going to teach you how to get the “missing piece” of the fertility puzzle that most people overlook AND, tragically, don’t even consider.

Women on 6 of 7 continents have used what I teach to overcome insane fertility odds—some with less than a 10% chance of getting pregnant. 

I am literally giving you the playbook of a woman who succeeds on her fertility journey.

My Fearlessly Fertile™ Method is dramatically different than anything you’ve ever tried on your fertility journey. 

When you’re struggling to conceive, the first thing people tell you to do is take care of your body.

They introduce you to all kinds of treatments, diets, and supplements.

While those things are awesome, they’re only PART of the picture. 

What if you’re doing “all the things,” but NOTHING is working?

This is where I come in.

There’s an undeniable interplay between the MIND and the body in healing.

Well-respected medical schools in the United States and around the world now teach about the role of mind-body connection in health and wellness. 

In fact, I’m the coach physicians around the world turn to when they want to achieve fertility success (you’ll meet a few of them in my book!).

If you want to cover your bases and be able to look back on your fertility journey without regret, you’ve got to learn how to leverage the power of MINDSET.

Put another way…
To Be A Fertility Success, You’ve Got To THINK Like One
I will teach you how to do this.

This isn’t just about “being positive.” 

This is about learning to think, believe, and take action like a woman who succeeds on this journey.

Thoughts -> Beliefs -> Actions -> Results

This is logical, linear, and undeniable.

If you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have your mind working FOR you.

Think about it. Does it make any sense to be eating an organic diet, avoiding caffeine, going to acupuncture, and getting state-of-the-art fertility treatments while your fear, doubt, and negativity create toxic stress and undermine your heroic efforts?


You’ve got to get your mind and body working together toward your goal of becoming a mom.
Here’s What You’ll Get
I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process in my new book, Am I the Reason I’m Not Getting Pregnant? THE FEARLESSLY FERTILE™ Method for Clearing the Blocks Between You and Your Baby.

At 112 pages, you can read it in an afternoon…

And by the end, you’ll have the method I’ve used to help women beat the odds in the face of:
  • Endometriosis
  • ​PCOS
  • ​Premature ovarian failure
  • ​Uterine fibroids
  • ​Advanced maternal age
  • ​Repeated donor egg failures
  • ​Recurrent miscarriages
But This Is About MORE Than Just Getting Pregnant
It’s also about staying pregnant.

Any woman who has suffered pregnancy loss knows this is true.

My Fearlessly Fertile™ Method is designed not only to help you conceive, but to support a healthy mindset through your entire pregnancy.

You’ll learn how to live your fertility journey fearlessly.
Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll get...
  • The entire roadmap of my Fearlessly Fertile™ Method (I’m literally giving you the playbook of the woman who is successful on her journey. It’s your delightfully “unfair” advantage) (page 26)
  • How I finally got pregnant naturally at 43 (after years of failed treatments) (page 22-23)
  • The truth about women who succeed on this journey (and what sets them apart from those who tried & failed) (page 106)
  • ​Why setting up your baby’s nursery NOW may be the smartest thing you can do (and what the unexpected benefits are of “getting ahead of yourself”) (page 93)
  • How to eliminate your negativity (so you can stop feeling like you’re being stabbed in the heart with every baby shower invitation you receive) (page 63)
  • ​The secret to making decisions like an expert (so you can improve your chances of pregnancy immediately without wasting time or resources) (page 39)
  • ​ How to grow CLOSER to your partner throughout this process (including a special technique for those moments you feel miles apart) (page 47)
  • What to do if you’ve completely lost faith in your journey (and how to never feel this way again) (page 82)
  • ​ Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and powerless by using simple exercises to create the foundation of certainty you’ve never had before (page 54)
  • ​The extreme lengths I went to in my own fertility journey (boiling black chickens?!) and the one powerful thing I was lacking (page 21)
  • ​YES, you can make your journey regret-proof—here’s how! (page 65)
  • How this revolutionary method has helped women around the world finally get pregnant (even in cases of endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, or recurrent miscarriages) (page 24)
  • The truth about the fearless woman inside of you (proof she exists and an exercise to lure her out!) (page 73)
  • A genius hack that’ll turn your fertility journey upside down in the best way possible (regardless of age, past “failures,” and scary statistics) (page 30)
  • ​A series of DAILY practices, tools, and strategies to help you apply everything you’ve learned (when applied consistently, this is foolproof!) (page 89)
...and so much more.

This book is only 112 pages, but it’s PACKED with valuable journey-tested “insider information” from a woman who personally beat the fertility odds.
Here’s What To Do Next
The "cost" of this book is $5.90, and you’ll get it right away as an eBook.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to download the book.

You'll be able to access it anywhere, immediately, without having to lug around a hard copy or wait on the mail.

I've decided to give you this book for just $5.90 so you can see for yourself what’s possible when you bring the power the MIND to your fertility journey.

My clients around the world have made the seemingly “impossible” possible by using this method.
This Is A Limited-Time Offer
This book is part of a test I’m running for my business.

And because the price is so low, I’m taking a loss on the book.

It currently costs me about $22 to sell one book.

Why would I do that?

It’s simple—I’ve packed tons of value in this book, and I’m hoping you’ll love it so much that you’ll come to me if you need questions answered or further help.

And lastly, even though you’re getting immediate access to my book…


There’s a...
Full Money-Back Guarantee 
I 100% guarantee you'll love this book, or I'll return your $5.90—and let you keep the book anyway.

That's right! If you’re unhappy for any reason, just email me and I'll refund your $5.90—no questions asked.
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They’re All Gone
Thanks for inviting me into your fertility journey…

And remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you.

Rosanne Austin

P.S. If you’re like me and skip to the end of these letters, here's what you need to know:

I’m offering a 112-page book that outlines how to think like a fertility success so you finally can be one, even if every medical procedure and holistic practice has failed you.

The book is $5.90.

The method I teach in this book is dramatically different than anything else you’ve ever tried.

It’s a crucial piece of the fertility puzzle, and without it, you’ve got a gaping hole in your fertility strategy.

By applying this method, you can move past the fear, doubt, negativity, and shame that create roadblocks between you and your baby.

The desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you.

This is a very limited offer because it's a marketing test.

Click here to claim your copy now. You won’t regret it.

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