Could Your RELATIONSHIP Create A Block
Between You and Your Baby?

If you are experiencing ANY of these:

  • Willing to do “whatever it takes,” but suspect your partner isn’t
  • You aren’t being 100% honest with your partner about what you REALLY want
  • ​Your needs are going unmet
  • There’s tension about the amount of money invested in TTC
  • You feel like you have to “nag” your partner to do “their” part
  • You wish your partner was more excited and took some of the pressure off
  • ​Romance and sexy-time have taken a yawn-worthy nose dive
  • You are feeling exhausted, alone, guilty, or just wish things would go back to “normal,”

… the answer is YES.

Does this mean your relationship is doomed, or that you will end up alone, childless, and living with 17 cats? NOPE!

You CAN turn things around in your relationship FAST.
You CAN have your baby, love that lasts, and a life you LOVE.


Here’s why smart women will make their relationship a priority RIGHT NOW…

The holiday season and a NEW YEAR are right around the corner, it’s crunch time.

With stress levels mounting, family pressure, and the pain of possibly closing out another year without your baby, even the strongest of relationships can be pushed to their limit.

If you are serious about using the last months of 2022 to set yourself up for SUCCESS in 2023, you’ve got to level-up your relationship–even if you THINK things are “ok.”


The #1 mistake women make (without even realizing it) is allowing frustration, disappointment, resentment, anger, despair, and “journey fatigue” to quietly eat away at their relationship.


This happens even to the most conscientious and well intentioned of us!

Why? This journey is frickin’ DEMANDING.

We are so busy trying to juggle our work with fertility treatments, complicated diets, endless appointments, family, friends, and trying to live a “normal” life that our relationship can take a back seat.

We tell ourselves, “My relationship is good. We can handle this. It will get better after our baby gets here…”

Then the next thing we know, we start looking at our partner thinking things like:

  • Why the heck do they “get” to be so relaxed?
  • ​I’m taking every supplement under the sun AND being poked and prodded like a science experiment–why can’t I get them to start doing more for THEIR health?
  • ​I’m willing to do whatever it takes to bring my baby home…ARE THEY?
  • I wish they protected me more from annoying questions and hurtful comments from friends and family.
  • Do they regret choosing ME?
  • Will they get tired of trying and ”pull the plug?”
  • Will I end up having to choose between my baby and my partner? (Eeeek!)
  • ​Am I going to end up all alone?

We Got Stronger AND so can you.

This work has helped countless couples make the seemingly “impossible,” POSSIBLE.

Here’s what you have to know: 

Your relationship is the foundation upon which you are building this family.

Fear, doubt, and negativity about it can block your baby.


Fear, doubt, and negativity in your relationship destroys TRUST.

If you ever feel insecure, pressured, judged, neglected, misunderstood, or worry that your partner isn’t in this for the long haul, it’s hard to TRUST yourself, your body, your partner, or this baby.

Does this mean your relationship has to be “perfect?” NO.

Does taking a loving, pro-active look at your relationship mean you are headed for divorce court? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Does this mean you can let things slide until they get really bad? NOT IF YOU WANT TO STAY TOGETHER.

If you want to beat the odds, your relationship is the LAST place you can afford to take an, “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” mentality.

I know this is TRUE, because a critical aspect of my Miracle Mamas’ successes included making simple, loving changes in their relationship.
(Even when they thought things were “pretty good.”)

I know working on your relationship sounds like A LOT of work on top of everything else you are doing.

BUT with the right tools and proven coaching, you can learn HOW to make positive changes FAST and with MORE EASE than you thought possible.

This was my inspiration for creating The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP.

As the fertility mindset mentor that physicians, nurses, lawyers, teachers, engineers, therapists, artists, and other professionals turn to when they want to SUCCEED, I wanted to powerfully address something that comes up in almost every coaching session I do: RELATIONSHIPS.

I wanted to take the “guesswork” out of what it looks like to be strengthening your relationship to support your fertility success–even if you think, “we don’t need that.”

(Funny enough? Thinking, “we don’t need that” is exactly why one day you WILL. Love you enough to keep it real!)

The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP is about clearing out the baggage you two have collected on this journey, so you can see each other AND your relationship, with a fresh set of loving, supportive, and “Babe, I’ll be there for you 100%,” eyes! (Insert the cheesy Bon Jovi song here, LOL.)

You BOTH win. This isn’t about blaming your partner or making someone “the bad guy.”

I will show you how to get FEARLESS in your relationship during this 4-Week Intensive.

I’m talking: 4 modules + 4 group coaching calls.

The program is insanely effective, because we are going to make success in your relationship SIMPLE.

The most unproductive thing we do on this journey and in our relationships is OVER COMPLICATE things.

You will have the perfect amount of CONSISTENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and COMMUNITY to start creating your Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP.

Even better?
You can do it in time for the HOLIDAYS and start 2023 off with more confidence in AND support from your partner than ever before!

I have personally observed the DRAMATIC impact that strengthening your relationship can have on this journey:

  • Conceiving naturally after failed IVF
  • ​Conceiving NATURALLY over 40
  • Finally having treatment success
  • Finally carrying pregnancies to term
  • ​Partner opening up to options which they had previously REFUSED
  • ​Feeling closer, like “normal” again
  • ​Confidence that comes from knowing you can trust in your relationship, your body, yourself, AND this baby!

EVERY one of my Miracle Mamas learned how to BE different in their relationship.
They and their babies are LIVING PROOF of what I teach.

Don’t let stress in your relationship UNDERMINE your success.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP is a 4-week intensive that includes 4 learning modules AND 4 LIVE group Q&A Sessions.
  • ​Our 4 LIVE 75-minute Q&A Sessions via Zoom happen on:
  • Thursday, September 8th, 4:30 PM Pacific/
    7:30 PM Eastern
  • Thursday, September 15th, 4:30 PM Pacific/
    7:30 PM Eastern
  • ​Thursday, September 22nd, 4:30 PM Pacific/
    7:30 PM Eastern
  • ​Thursday, September 29th, 4:30 PM Pacific/
    7:30 PM Eastern
  • ​Each LIVE Q&A session will be recorded and then posted to your Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP program page, which you will have LIFETIME access to.
    (So no excuses about “what if I miss a session?” It’s covered.)
  • Here’s just a teeny bit of what will learn:
  • A powerful strategy for getting your partner to see things “your way,” so you can finally stop worrying about having their COMPLETE support.
  • ​What it takes to immediately let go of old hurts and resentments.
  • ​Develop an insanely effective, “uniquely YOU,” communication style with your partner, so you can stop hiding what’s really on your mind.
  • ​How to get into “receiving mode” with your partner–because as you’ve heard me say, conceiving is all about receiving!
  • ​A smart relationship hack for ending the need to “nag” your partner about supplements, diet, lifestyle changes, and anything else you might be driving them crazy about. (Nagging is wildly unsexy!)
  • ​A fun way for getting into your “feminine” with your partner, so they can support you with ease.
  • ​An intelligent approach to getting your partner engaged and enthusiastic, regardless of how long you’ve been trying.
  • ​How to make your partner an unshakable ally in the face of pressure or challenges from friends and family.
  • ​Ways to get on the same page–even when it feels like you are miles apart.

If you are serious about giving yourself the best possible chances on this journey, don’t let your relationship be a casualty of it.

This intensive is specifically designed to help you RESET your relationship in a fun, loving, and unique way–with the support structures of CONSISTENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and COMMUNITY.

In addition to having:

  • 4 beautifully designed learning modules
  • 4 exclusive LIVE 75-minute Q&A sessions
  • ​AND incredible community
  • Up to $500 off (with the invest in full option)
  • ​A VIP 75-minute group Check In Session (to help keep you on track–just in time for the holidays) on November 5th, 2022 1:00 PM (Value: $2500)
  • ​(READ THIS ONE TWICE) A very special invite to a LIVE “Bring Your Partner” VIP 90-minute Q&A session hosted by my HUSBAND and I on Saturday, October 22, 2022 1:00 PM (Value: $3500)
  • ​Prep Your Partner For Coaching Workbook (Value $500)

You can be part of The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP Intensive for just:

Invest in Full:

 $3000 USD
(A savings of $500)


$1750 USD upon enrollment,
then $1750 USD 30 days later


 When does The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP start and end?

Your intensive begins with the release of your Orientation Module: August 29, 2022

Then you will receive Module 1: September 1, 2022. 

After your enrollment, the remaining program modules will be released in order as follows:

  • Module 2: released September 9, 2022
  • Module 3: released September 16, 2022
  • Module 4: released September 23, 2022

 When are our 75-minute LIVE Q&A Sessions?

4 Thursdays in September:

  • September 8th, 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern
  • September 15th, 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern
  • September 22nd, 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern
  • ​September 29th, 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern

 What’s in a module?

Each thoughtfully designed module includes an audio recording and a downloadable workbook.

 How do we meet?

Via Zoom.

 Who will be leading the Q&A Sessions?

Rosanne Austin, the creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Method, 2-time bestselling author, creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, and Fertility Fairygodmother to women around the world.

 What if I miss a session?

First of all, make a commitment to yourself that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will make your attendance a priority. If for some reason you can’t make it, that’s fine. Each LIVE Q&A session is recorded and will be posted to The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP site within 48 hours or less. The team strives to get the recording up as fast as possible, but bear with us if there are technical issues.

 How Long Do I Have Access To The Modules and Q&A Recordings?

You have lifetime access to the modules and recordings.

 Are the Q&A Sessions Recorded?

Yes. The recordings will be posted to your Fearlessly Fertile DAILY site within 48 hours of completion for each session. Any bonus Q&As offered are recorded as well and will be posted to your program site–allowing 48 hours for us to do so.

 How can I best prepare for our Q&A sessions?

Come with a WELL FORMED question. Rosanne very rarely needs much back story to be able to precisely address your question. Come knowing the exact question you want answered. Everyone benefits from well formed questions and gives your sisters a chance to learn from your experience. Be considerate with your CLARITY.

 Do I get any private coaching time with Rosanne?

This is a group education and coaching program. If you are interested in private coaching, you will have to apply for that separately.

 Can I email Rosanne with my questions?

Questions are reserved for our group calls.

 Are there refunds for the program if something comes up or if I get pregnant?

No. There are no refunds or excuses. This program is for women who are 100% committed to following through. If you happen to get pregnant during this program, mazel tov! This program is the perfect companion to help you during the early weeks of pregnancy–for you and your relationship. Any one who has experienced loss will tell you how critical it is to have a strong mindset–and feel confident in your relationship.

 What is the price of the program?

The sticker price for this program is $3500 USD. An incentive price of $3000 USD is offered to those who pay in full. Any early enrollment promotional prices offered outside of those stated prices, must be claimed during the early enrollment period, which is strictly enforced, NO EXCEPTIONS.

 What about bonuses? When do I get them?

If you were offered a bonus or bonuses during the early enrollment period, you will have access to those bonuses once your course is paid in full–no exceptions. That means if you paid in full, you will have access to those bonuses right away. If your bonus is access to an additional call–you will have access to that call on the stated date.

 Can you promise me a baby?

No human being can promise you a baby. If they do, run! They are lying to you. The best that any ethical human being with the best of intentions can do is help you cover your bases, so you can give yourself the best possible chances. GUS (God/Universe/Source) is in charge of the timing in which your baby makes it earthside!

 Can you promise my relationship won’t fall apart?

No human being can guarantee the outcome of a relationship. The best that any ethical human being with the best of intentions can do is empower you with tools, ideas, and strategies from their experience. For a relationship to work, it requires the participants to be actively engaged, take responsibility, and keep their word–no one but the people in the relationship can do that. Pretty basic and obvious, but we are saying it anyway.

 What if I have more questions?

Email the team at:

Before you go, there’s something I want you to know:

Taking care of my relationship was one of the wisest things I ever did on my fertility journey.

AND, making the commitment to get in front of issues, before they got too crazy, made all the difference in the world.

This hasn’t just been true for me, it has been true for the women I serve all over the world.

You have the chance to make your relationship an even more wonderful place for your baby to land. Let’s do it together in The Fearlessly Fertile RELATIONSHIP.

Lots of love,

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