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Grab the "Buts That Block" Worksheet

This Worksheet Will DO 3 Things:

  • Uncover the nasty, limiting "Yeah, Buts..." lurking in your life
  • Identify in no uncertain terms what they are costing you
  • Devise your plan to "Yeah, But..." your "Yeah, Buts..." for good!

Hi, I'm Rosanne, and I Help Women Get Pregnant AND stay pregnant...

The mind-body connection is undeniable. It’s the intangible x-factor. Women who are serious about becoming Moms, leverage it like their hair is on fire.

I say this with zero hesitation, because I am one of them.

I struggled with fertility for years while I was the lead trial attorney in a specialized prosecution team in California.

I used mindset again to get pregnant naturally, and have my son at 43.

Within just WEEKS of transforming what I thought and believed about myself and this journey, I was pregnant.

How do I know mindset is the reason for my first miracle pregnancy? Because I tried everything else.

It was irrefutable that one important thing was dramatically different. Me.

What happened transformed my life to such a degree that I left my work as a state prosecutor, so I could coach and mentor women across the globe to do the same.

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